Win Your Favourite Made590 Outift!



Sue’s outfit – 1.Made590 Lenny Winter dress in Bikes and Stripes 2. Red Riding Hood Swing Jacket in Check3. Cute Enamel Brooches 4. Made590 Navy and White Polkadot Socks with Red Bows 5. Yellow Vegan Coloured Belt

Rory’s Outfit – 1. Gnome Enterprises Bunny Tee $25 (instore only) 2. The Raisin Did It Slouchy Pants $29 (instore only)

Emma’s outfit – 1. Made590 Frida Dress in Geometric and Pink 2. Made590 Coloured Vegan Belt

Kellie’s outfit – 1. Made590 Chevron Knit in Yellow 2. Made590 Moonrise Shift Dress in Denim 3. Made590 Red Vegan Belt 4. Not Tuesday Necklace (more instore)

Tanya’s outfit – 1. Made590 Thelma Day Dress in Chevron 2. Made590 3/4 Sleeve Basic top in MagentaΒ  3. Not Tuesday Necklace (more instore) 4. Moby Duck Bangle $33 (instore only)

Christina’s outfit – 1. Made590 Cyd Skirt in Cute and Clutter print 2. Red Riding Hood Swing Jacket in Red 3. Made590 Everyday Tee in Hot PinkΒ  4. Made590 Scarf 5. Made590 Tights in Hot Pink

Paddison’s Outfit – 1. Gnome Enterprises Yeti Tee $25 (instore only)

Kym’s outfit – 1. Pol Dehry Drape Dress $196 (Instore Only) 2. Emily Green Necklace

Heidi’s outfit – 1. Pol Fracture Dress $239.00 (Instore only) 2. Made590 3/4 Sleeve Basic in GreyΒ  3. Each To Own Necklace $28 (instore only) 4. Moby Duck Bangle $33 (instore only)

Jess’ outfit – 1. Made590 Mischa Dress in Tumbling Tulips PrintΒ  2. Made590 Crimson Popcorn Knit Cardigan 3. Made By White Blue Swallow Brooch

Paul’s outfit – 1. Gnome Enterprises Forest Friends T-Shirt $39 (instore only)

Morrison’s Outfit – 1. Blindwear Turntable Kid’s T-Shirt $25 (instore only)

Kirbee’s outfit – 1. Made590 Frida Top in Black and White Floral 2. Made590 Magenta Popcorn Knit Cardigan3. Made By White Donkey Cart Brooch

Kelly’s outfit – 1. Made590 Popcorn Knit Cardi in Crimson 2. Made590 Moonrise Shift Dress in Daisy Chain 3. Made590 Yellow Vegan Belt 4. Made590 Red Tights

Sarah’s outfit – 1. Made590 Elsie Dress in Cute and Clutter Print 2. Made590 Colourful Tights 3. Not Tuesday Necklace (more instore) 4. Made590 Coloured Vegan Belt

Megan’s outfit – 1. Made590 Navy Popcorn Knit Cardigan 2. Made590 Everyday Tee in Hot Pink
3. Made590 Devils at Dusk Sunset Skirt4. Made By White Flamingo Brooch 5. Made590 Navy Tights

Beck’s outfit – 1. Made590 Chevron Knit2. Essay by Surface Art Aline Skirt $115 (instore only) 3. Made590 Colourful Scarf

We are working very hard to get as many products onto our website as possible, however there are some products mentioned that are not available as yet. If there is a product that you desperately want or would like more information on please feel free to email us or phone on 02 9550 1020.


337 Responses to “Win Your Favourite Made590 Outift!”

  1. stella says:

    #13 without a doubt – the trim on that skirt is too cute to boot! x

  2. Cat says:

    outfit 12!!

    love them all


  3. bec vincent says:

    Oh how cute are Kirbee and Sarah! – Either one of those lovely ensembles I would be chuffed to win. Finger, toes, eyes and legs crossed. xBec

  4. Kirstyn says:

    Outfit #2 has to be my favourite.

    I’ve been eyeing the Frieda dresses and tunics off on the website for weeks! Everyone who comes to my office I ask their opinion on which one I should get. I can’t decide if I like the white if the black. Many people have commented about how nice the dress is (and how strange the rabbit head mannequin is!).

  5. In love with outfit number 11!
    Can’t go past the contrast of the red with the black, white & yellow! Too cute!
    Cheray x

  6. Kirsten says:

    I love #13. I have a new obsession, cardigans, and the blue cardi in #13 would be a great addition to my collection, as it looks like a classic.

  7. Shara says:

    Oooh! They’re all gorgeous (of course!) πŸ™‚ But I think my favourite is Sue in outfit #1. Little bit in love with everything about it! πŸ™‚

  8. Taren says:

    Well, after looking at all the outfits for a ridiculously long time, I’ve decided outfit #3 would be my choice. I just love the whole look! Fingers crossed. πŸ™‚

  9. Jenna says:

    I would love love love outfit #13 – I’ve been eyeing off that skirt!

  10. Hang says:

    So hard to decide! But I especially love outfit 13 – gorgeous!

  11. Rachel says:

    My choice is number 13 (hopefully lucky 13!). I love the colour combination and especially the devils at dusk beautiful skirt.

  12. Jo says:

    Outfit ten would be gorgeous on a sunny autumn day πŸ™‚

  13. Louise says:

    My favourite is outfit #8 I even have the same navy saltwater sandals. I LOVE the brooch, the dress fabric is amazing and I adore the cardigan. The whole outfit works and is totally me.

  14. Erica. S says:

    Oh they are SO lovely! My favourite is number six, love the colour and style! Very me , easy to wear, and I don’t have to think about it……an Emily Green treasure has also been on my wishlist for ageeess!

  15. Lauren says:

    Outfit 10! I love the colour of the cardigan!

  16. Kate Heppell says:

    #5. I love the gear you guys sell. You need a store in Melbs. Xx

  17. Kate Heppell says:

    #5. I love the gear you guys sell. You need a store in Melbs xxx

  18. Bec says:

    Oh such a tough choice!! I think it has to be outfit 11 (although 3 is a close runner up!!)

  19. Carla says:

    I would wear 80% of these outfits so choosing has been tricky! I’ve settled on #1 and think I would rock that outfit & do MADE 590 proud! Obviously coming in to collect my prize would be a good excuse to purchase the Popcorn knit Cardi which is clearly a winter must have! But which colour would I choose….!?? Great concept btw and love that everyone is wearing your great stuff in their very own way. We heart Made 590! X

  20. Bianca says:

    How gorgeous is outfit #1. I love that jacket and the dress and well, everything!

  21. Jules Sutton says:

    It was tough to pick a moonrise dress but number 3 wins by a nose πŸ™‚

  22. Lauren says:

    Outfit 10!! Love the colours!

  23. Julia Avenell says:

    I love outfit number 9 because i am trying to be braver in life – and that includes wearing new colours like yellow! Also, am always struggling to find pretty vegan belts and so i would love to have a cute one like this. Fingers crossed xx

  24. ellie mcalpine says:

    Outfit #5 is my fave by. a whisker, but love them all!

  25. Lorinda says:

    Its a difficult choice but I think that outfit 5 would make a grey winters day more colourful and fun

  26. Bridget says:

    My choice is #5. My mum would love the jacket and scarf. And I love the skirt and tights.

  27. Izzie says:

    Outfit 12. I love the colours and 12 is my lucky number!

  28. Mollie says:

    Ooh I’m torn! But if I must choose
    Then it will be #1. the green bike frock is super cute, as is the snugly looking swing jacket. Loving the whole combo with tights & clogs.. Swoon!

  29. Donna Pierson says:

    It’s tough to choose between 8 & 13 but I think 8 just scrapes through. No, 13!! No… I dunno!!! 8. Yes. 8. I think.

  30. Thea says:

    So hard to choose but I love pink & red together so I’d pick number 5.

  31. Anne says:

    Outfit #1! Bright and colorful! I love cycling and the check red riding hood jacket will be perfect for the winter in windy Cape Town. Big Fan! Wish you guys had a store in South Africa! X

  32. Nicci says:

    Oh girls – how can I choose!

    I love them all (as usual) but I think outfit 11 takes the cake for me: who can resist Kelly in yellow and red with daisies?!

    I promise I’d wear it to brighten up the classrooms of Cambridge!

    Love Nic x

  33. It was hard to pick JUST ONE, but I think Im going to go with outfit #1! I think it best suits my style!

  34. eeeeeeeeeeeek i can’t choose. i’m stuck on 1 or 13!!! I’d even love to rock the kids outfit in no. 1!!!! but i’m gonna say no. 13 as i think it would get worn more. LOVE THEM ALL. hopefully i’ll have a trip down under soon! x

  35. Kelly Stephens says:

    Number 4! Bright chevron to prove it’s not all (daggy) cardigans in the public service!

  36. Robyn says:

    Outfit #4 is beautiful.

  37. Hayley says:

    I have signed up … Now it was hard to decide but it has to be number three !

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