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NEW IN: Bucket hats

To say that we are all a little bit excited about the Summer holidays is probably an understatment! So we created the perfect, summer time accessory; the bucket hat!

With off cuts from our favourite fabrics that we have featured recently in tops, dresses and skirts. No fabric ever gets wasted here! If you missed out on a fabric, you can now own it in its accessory friend!

Here are some of the MADE590 girls getting very excited about the Summer time in their favourite hat!

Come and choose your favourite as they are available Instore only!

Retailing at $49.00.

*Sizing is on the larger size*







Quail Delivery: Egg cups, wall vases and flower vases

One of our favourite deliveries from last week is from Quail! It’s one of our favourite because it means the shop gets filled up with lots of different and amazing ceramic animals to feast your eyes on! Take a sneak peek of what our store looks like right now; egg cups and wall vases galore!

Quail product is all designed in the UK, with many of the originals made by traditional ceramicists in ‘The Midlands’ of England. Many of the Quail products not only look great, but they are also thoughtfully designed for practical use. The egg cups are used for holding eggs, but many customers get creative with these and use it to store their jewellery, or use it as a small pot to plant succulents or cacti, or you could even use them to store your salt and pepper.

The wall vases are great because you can hang them up on the wall with any type of green or floral arrangement placed inside!



Egg Cup – Black Daschund $24.005f3013b89b4a5e6ea92f9929e83f545672613929Egg Cup – Lion $24.00


Egg Cup – Black Bear $24.00

99501164Egg Cup – Brown Daschund $24.00c9b1e4b8bd68bf71e142fcaf87bc83ea

Egg Cup – Tiger $24.00

d6842fe98ad72d39d4dcd4ef0a593061cd16072dEgg Cup – Billy Goat $24.00

fox_4Egg Cup – Fox $24.00

img-thing_2Egg Cup – Koala $24.00

img-thing-1Egg Cup – Giraffe $24.00

large_black_pug_face_egg_cup_product_image_4f35186211776Egg Cup – Pug black $24.00


Egg Cup – Leopard $24.00

pug-face-egg-cup-fawn-001Egg Cup – Pug fawn $24.00screen_shot_2015-11-27_at_9.44.10_am


Guinea Pig – Butter Dish $28.00hamjug_1


Jug – Hamster $28.0051v-5osghyl._sy300_

Wall Vase – Ram $58.00417i732oatl img_1176_1

Wall Vase – Fox $58.00img_2484

Wall Vase – Koala $58.00

41au2pb-uvl._sy300_ goat_wall_vase_2Wall Vase – Goat $58.00

New Season, New Window!

We are always working away behind the scenes at Made590 bringing you new designs every week! But there is nothing we enjoy more than the turn of the season, when we start working on new designs in new fabrics for the cooler weather!


To kick start the new season and launch a new design we have been chugging away on since the thought of winter was just a long away dream, we have just had a pretty new window display installed featuring our Turkish Delight print. This gorgeous print was inspired by a vintage wool scarf found op-shopping by Kelly who, from the second she saw it, knew we could design our own version and make some special new clothes out of it! Our Turkish Delight print was designed in house and can’t be found anywhere else! Make sure you keep your eyes peeled for some gorgeous new clothes featuring our this Print, but for now you can imagine with us how colourful our winter season will be!


We are so excited to see this up and on the window, for Winter to come and to share the final pieces with you when they arrive with the cooler months!


Bring on the cold we say!


Japan Ceramics Back In Stock!

The super popular Japan Ceramics are now back in stock and available for purchase online or instore! We have the adorable Japan Little Red Umbrella Mug for $30 which features a friendly image of the Wolf holding an umbrella over Little Red Riding Hood with the lid being the umbrella. So sweet! Included is a stainless steel tea strainer, allowing you to enjoy your very own loose leaf tea-for-one:


We also have the Little Red Riding Hood & Wolf Mug Set for $35 with Little Red Riding Hood on one mug and Wolf on the other. Share a mug of your favourite brew with your favourite person, in matching mugs – seriously, too cute!

Currently only available instore are the clever Animal Tail Mugs in Cat and Monkey for $20:

and the amazing Little Red Tea-for-Two Set for $75. The set includes a teapot, 2 cups, a stainless steel strainer and a lid with the wolf all rugged up in grandma’s bed!

Brighten up your kitchen and your day with a purchase from our latest range of Japan Ceramics!