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Roll on Perfume Golden Breeze

Roll on Perfume Golden Breeze

Price: $30.00

A perfect little perfume from Bon Luxe in Golden Breeze.
GOLDEN BREEZE essential oil perfume blend 10ml
BON LUX scent blends are created in-house and designed for gentle, uplifting aromatherapy qualities, and for use as beautiful all-natural perfumes.
Made using pure essential oils of plants, petals, fruit peel and herbs, blended in small batches, with no synthetic ingredients.
GOLDEN scent comes as a votive candle to scent your home as well as your bod!

Apply GOLDEN to wrists and neck as regular as you like for a soft, natural perfume, scented by nature.GOLDEN bottles the happy vibes of sunshine on citrus blossoms, with the freshness of coriander.

Size: 10 ml glass bottle with plastic top and roller ball.

Ingredient: Fractionated Pink grapefruit, bergamot, citrus blossom essential oil, fractionated coconut oil.

BON LUX is handmade in small batches, in Melbourne Australia.

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