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The Team



Christina aka @made590
Christina is the made590 boss lady around these parts and has been in the rag trade for almost 20 years. She is a screen printer by trade and started her fashion journey with mens tees she hand printed and sold at Sydney markets. In 2004 made590 opened its doors and Christina has been passionate about Australian made fashion and working with local makers since the very beginning. When Christina isn't in the shop, she spends most of her time rushing around Sydney to our various makers chasing stock, printing mens t-shirts in her mum's garage, writing endless lists and looking forward to holidays. She also enjoys spending time with her partner Paul (mrmade590) and their three kids Morrison, Patton and Peggy. Christina is passionate about her business, is inspired by beautiful prints and (coming from a big Italian family) loves eating! She is also hilarious, humble and leads the made590 team tirelessly (and sometimes tiredly too).

Your favourite style to wear at made590? Clementine Cardies and Sally Scallop Dresses.
Your favourite female icon? Ray Eames
What are three things you believe in?
I believe in Supporting Australian made fashion and Australian manufacturing.
I believe that nobody is better than one another, no matter the age, qualification, race or bank balance, we are all on an equal playing fields.
I believe if there's a will there's a way.


Paul aka @mrmade590
Paul has been a huge part of the made590 team from the very beginning and he actually found the made590 shop location almost 15 years ago! He runs the wholesale side of made590 as well as being full time dad to the three made590 kiddos. When he isn’t popping into the shop with Tessa the shop dog or packing orders from the made590 warehouse, he enjoys coaching baseball and rugby, spending time at the beach and dreaming of the next family holiday, but he is most likely to be found chasing after Peggy their three year old, or rushing their two boys to sport. He is also our go-to man for the mens tee designs and always has input when it comes to what makes the cut in our mens range. Paul definitely ends up with a certain amount of made590 “boy jobs” on his list every week and really does a bit of everything in the business, except for selling frocks which he says he just "isn't cut out for".
Your favourite style to wear from made590? Current favourite tee is the magpie.
Your favourite female icon? Evonne Goolagong.
What are three things you believe in?
I believe you should treat people as you’d like to be treated.
I believe nature should be the most important thing we concentrate on.
I believe in opening your presents Christmas morning rather than Christmas Eve.


Kelly aka @thestorybookrabbit
Kell is made590’s longest employee having worked in the made590 team for almost 12 years. She originally was introduced to the shop through her sister and their jewellery brand Made By White, which was stocked at made590 for over 7 years. She co-designs the made590 clothing with Christina, helps with production and writes a lot of the online content, particularly for all the made590 clothing styles. Outside of made590 Kell runs her own brand The Storybook Rabbit which sells laser cut brooches and jewellery which is mostly bunny-themed, and is inspired by her 11 year old house bunny Juno. She is also happiest when spending time with animals, eating sweet brunch at cute cafes, re-watching her favourite movies and spending time with her favourite people.

Your favourite style to wear at made590? Edie dress and Clementine Cardigans!
Your favourite female icon? Iris Apfel because she is perfect proof that "fashion fades, but style is eternal” and I also adore and relate to her appreciation of accessories making an outfit.
What are three things you believe in?
I believe in things happening for a reason.
I believe in positivity.
I believe that winter comes later every year and leaves far too quickly for me to wear all my coats.

Kirbee aka @kirbeelawler
Kirbee has worked at made590 for 7 years and is our in house fabric and graphic designer extraordinaire! If you’ve bought something with an amazing illustrated print from us, chances are Kirbee has had a hand in putting it together or creating it for us. When she isn't working at made590 she works on her own brand making laser cut brooches, illustrating animals and making limited edition wearables, but she also enjoys dancing the night away, watching live music and spending time with her rescue bunny Primrose. Kirbee was a huge activist for starting our Every Body range and is always bouncing ideas around for future garments and prints. She also designs all our beautiful stationery, stickers and swing tags, as well as giving the best scratches to our resident made590 shop dog Tessa.

Your favourite style to wear at made590? Valentina Skirt
Your favourite female icon? Dolly Parton
What are three things you believe in?
I believe in creating a beautiful life, surrounding yourself with things that make you smile and doing things that make you happy! For me that is family and friends, animals, beautiful art/artifacts and music to dance the night away.
I believe in taking time to slow down, stopping completely and taking in the world around you. One of my favourite things to do is to stand among the trees and to stop because once you stop you notice so many small things going on in the world that you miss if you are in a hurry.
I believe in being unapologetically yourself.

Liza aka @the_feline_fanatic
Liza had been a long time made590 customer (for 8 years!) who we made part of the made590 family about three years ago. Basically whenever there was a cat print garment arrive at made590, Liza would rock up with a smile and buy up anything in a kitty theme. She is now our resident (self proclaimed) Crazy Cat Lady, and when she isn't working at made590 helping you pick out the perfect outfit, modelling on our website or sneaking a cat garment into the change room with you, she hangs out with her three kitties Atticus, Sam and Benedict (you can follow their adventures @liza_and_the_rexes) and dresses in amazing kitty themed outfits every single day! She also enjoys an at-home career in cat wrangling, curates an incredible cat art collection and occasionally whips up a frock on the sewing machine in her spare time. She also has a very extensive range of kitty themed accessories and shoes, for those times when we happen to not have a cat print in stock at made590.

Your favourite style to wear at made590? Aggie Dress
Your favourite female icon? Ella Fitzgerald and Michelle Obama
What are three things you believe in?
I believe that cats are supreme beings.
I believe in practicing kindness and gratitude.
I believe life is short - be happy, do what you love, do it now and don’t waste time on unimportant things that you don’t!  break.jpg

Zoe aka @prettypickings
Zoe has been a customer at made590 from the very beginning and has just started working in the shop, so you might see her fresh new face (which feels very familiar to us as she was a customer for so long before working here) in the shop on your next visit. Being a trained primary school teacher she also threw her hand at teaching in the inner west before she took a break from that profession. When Zoe isn't at made590, she works on her own brand of hand sewn kids clothing called Pretty Pickings which she has built up over the last 12 years, incorporating her love of vintage fabric, sewing and creating beautiful things. Zoe and her hubby share a great love of live music and love seeing gigs together, but when she's at home with her four kids she loves entertaining and cooking up a storm for friends!

Your favourite style to wear from made590? Patsy is my go-to skirt, Petra pinafore in mod spots is my newest favourite piece!
Your favourite female icon? Sylvia Earle who began diving in her 20’s and still dives at 83, she has a true passion for saving the earths blue heart.
What are three things you believe in?
I believe looking after our environment and doing what you can, however big or small it ALL makes a difference.
I believe in shopping small and buying local when you can, you’ll get great stuff and the right people will be rewarded for it.
I believe in family. Love them, laugh with them and share as much time as you can with them.


Kat aka @kat.louise.reads
Kat joined the made590 team last year, after being newly introduced to this wonderful business through a friend. As soon as she spied the website, she fell in love with the wonderful designs,  gorgeous prints and amazing size-inclusivity (and is now rapidly filling her wardrobe with made590 goodies!) She has going on 8 year’s worth of small-business retail experience, and works upstairs and downstairs at made590, getting to know the lovely customers in-store and online, and doing all sorts of bits and pieces. She loves all of it! When she’s not working at made590, Kat enjoys participating in her local community musical theatre scene (which she’s been part of since the age of 3!), reading all the books she can get her hands on, and petting all the dogs and cats of the inner west. She also recently completed a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature, and is looking forward to getting back into writing.

Your favourite style to wear at made590? The Jessie Dress and Sunset Skirt!
Your favourite female icon?  That’s hard to pick, there’s so many- probably Margaret Atwood! Her writing is such an inspiration and a big influence on the way I think about the world.
What are three things you believe in?
I believe in the utmost importance of family, whether they’re family by choice or by blood.
I believe in creating art, whatever that means for you; creating something from nothing is an amazing thing to strive for, and creativity is a vital part of being human.
I believe in always being kind to animals!


Tahnee aka @stitchmakerhomebaker
Tahnee is our resident online go-to lady and is likely the one sending your orders out with a smile! A self proclaimed embroidery and cross stitch enthusiast, Tahnee loves time with her husband and two gorgeous girls, as well as spending time baking incredible cakes for loved ones. She is also has a growing indoor plant collection which she says could get out of hand any day now! A customer long before she became part of the made590 team in August 2019, made590's strong sense of ethics is what originally attracted Tahnee to work with us, but we love her whole hearted enthusiasm for what we do and her love of pretty clothing, which is a connecting thread for all of the made590 team.

Your favourite style to wear from made590? OMG! how could I choose just one! My favourites are the Laura Dress, Piper Pini, Mallory Dress and who could go past a Primrose cardigan!!
Your favourite female icon? I think it would have to be Jacinda Ardern. She is thoughtful and respectful to everyone. Her genuine belief in making this world a better place is inspiring. I love her!  
What are three things you believe in?
I believe the most important thing to believe in is yourself although it's not always easy.
I believe in surrounding yourself with people that believe in you.
I believe in equality.