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Summer Splash Bag Primrose Floral Red

Summer Splash Bag Primrose Floral Red

Price: $39.00

This handy little bag is perfect for a plethora of uses, but we designed it with the beach in mind. Spending time by the pool or the ocean, you generally always have wet towels, swimsuits or sandy beach toys. This draw string bag is perfect for keeping in all those messy items contained and for keeping your beach bag dry and sand free. 


Throw in the washing machine to wash up afterwards, easy fabric that's perfect to peg on the line to dry after a swim

Fits a beach towel rolled up inside it, a pair of shoes, most sizes of water bottles, baby bottles or a pair of swimmers and a rashie easily

Quick dry after washing or use

Closure is an elastic cord drawstring with a toggle to keep it shut

This item will not be completely waterproof with extremely wet items over long periods of time due to the seams of the product, but generally it will protect your beach bag from being wet by your towels and swim items. Keeping in mind sewn seams cannot be completely waterproof we recommend you wring the water out your items before placing them inside to prevent leakage

SIZE: Approximately 40cm tall and 30cm wide (inside usable space) with large drawstring at the top

OUTER: 70% Recycled polyester swimsuit lycra

INNER: Splashproof nylon

PRINT: Primrose Floral by Kirbee Lawler for made590 

Designed in house and made in sydney by makers we have worked one on one with for many years.


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