We have a new print on the block here at Made590 and she’s a cutie. As a lot of you may know, all of us who work here at Made590 are very much in love with our furry, feathery and fluffy family members!
This print is a bit more of a nostalgic print as it pays homepage to the most common childhood pets that we have all loved and grown up with. It was inspired by a beloved fifties novelty print skirt in Kell’s collection featuring groups of puppies.

We realised that between us all here at made590 we’ve owned and loved every single animal featured on this print which ranges from: Cats, Dogs, Birds, Hermit Crabs, Bunnies, Goldfish and Mice. Here’s a few behind the scenes pics of the making of ‘Pets Paradise’, some sneaky pics of the colour palettes we’ve used and the the pets in action getting printed up. This print was brought to life and illustrated by Kirbee Lawler and printed by: Publisher Textiles.