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PRE ORDER Made590 X Littlewood Leather Belt Black

PRE ORDER Made590 X Littlewood Leather Belt Black

Price: $180.00

This item is made to order and will deliver approximately 4 weeks after you place your order.

These gorgeous belts have been handmade for us by our friend Mim at Littlewood Leather using custom daisy dot stamps she got especially made for this project. Each belt will be a true one of a kind as these are a limited edition collaboration between us and Littlewood leather.

We love the work Mim does with her belts as they are all distinctly made by her own two hands. For us, a handmade belt is something you keep and cherish for a lifetime and this is exactly how we feel about owning a piece of this collaboration. The great thing is there is quite a wide range of sizes which will fit each belt which is perfect for weight fluctuation and seasonal size changes you might make when layering etc.

Here are the key facts about these belts:

*100% Australian made veg-tanned bovine leather from Queensland

*8oz leather (this means the thickness is about 3.3-3.5mm)

*Fully hand made by Littlewood Leather

*Dyed, painted and finished using quality leatherwork products

*Belt width of 38mm

*Hardware is gold coloured, made from Nickel and coated

*Given a polish at the end with a light wax, customers can condition the leather with any neutral (uncoloured) leather care product suitable for painted leather (ie neutral Dubbin shoe polish is fine)

Colours are black with cool white and gold daisies.

These belts are made in a range of sizes and we highly recommend you measure your waist and buy the size that will give you the most room to move. We recommend you buy a size that means you fit one of the smaller or middle measurement or to give yourself more room to move up, as you can always punch extra holes in the belt to move down in sizes.


All belts are 38mm width.


Length of the belts to fit the following sizes or waist measurements:

M: 28-33 inch waist or 71cm- 84cm

L: 32-37 inch waist 81cm- 94cm

XL: 38-43 inch waist 96cm-109cm 

2X: 41-46 inch waist 104 - 117cm 

3X: 45 -50 inches waist 114cm-127cm

4X - 50-55 inches 114cm- 140cm

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