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Primrose Cardie Sunshine

Primrose Cardie Sunshine

Price: $165.00

We are SO excited about our newest addition to our knitwear family, the Primrose Cropped Cardigan! If you’re looking for the perfect 100% merino winter cardigan that is a snuggly, dressy, and the most wonderful cropped length, then look no further! 

FEATURES: This 100% mercerised merino wool cardigan is knitted locally by our very special knitter who we have worked with for over 10 years! Knitting locally is something we are passionate about and also allows us to pick and choose our own colours! The mercerisation of the merino cleverly means there will be minimal pilling and that the fibres will last longer and not get fuzzy after a few wears. We have also picked some of our favourite fabrics for the covered buttons, with each cardigan having a perfect match chosen for it. And of course, we get all the buttons made locally in Sydney too!

Our brand new Primrose cardigan features a perfect cropped length which works wonders for in between weather, but is also a dressier look and has a full length sleeve for when you need that extra warmth. The ribbed waistband is designed to pull the bottom in slightly and make silhouette come in at your waist, showing off your best features! We love the textured knit which gives this cardigan a lovely warm look without too much bulk. The cardy itself is never too heavy to carry in your handbag all day, but the merino is warm enough to prevent you getting caught out on a chilly day too. We love the weight and variation of these knits and we cannot wait for you to all share in our glorious new colours this season.

HOW TO WEAR: This cardigan is a great piece for winter and is able to be worn as a layer with lots of different outfits. You can take it on trips to the park or wear it to the office and then out to dinner afterwards! Worn with your favourite brooch this cardigan is sure to become a favourite of your wardrobe! We love the layered look, so pair this with a dress or high waisted skirt, button it up and wear it like a top with any of our higher waisted skirts like Valentina or Sunset, or wear it open over other layers, it is so versatile and has endless combinations. We have created our Clementine cardigans for years now, and made590 regulars as well as staff all LIVE in their Clementines so we thought she needed a little sister! We will look forward to wearing these every year when that first cool weather hits, they are the perfect dressy length compared to our Clementines which are a slightly more casual look. The cropped length and fitted body shape is so good to dress up any outfit.

KNIT: Arrow Knit with a flat surface but raised arrow design dotted over the cardigan. This knit has good stretch, though is not as stretchy and loose as our Basket knit. Fits true to size for a semi fitted feel, if you want a tight fit size down, if you want a loose fit size up.

COLOUR: This is a bright yellow erring on the side of greenish yellow rather than a warm orange yellow. This is quite accurate in both photos, but possibly closer in the flat lays photos.

FIT IMPROVEMENTS THIS SEASON: As we did last year, we have added 3cm per size to original the WIDTH of the sleeve, meaning they are much easier to get on this year and overall fit has been improved by this. So if you have any of our 2020 knitwear the fit should be very similar.

XS (8-10)
S (10-12)
M (12-14) 
L (14-16) 
XL (16-18)
2X (18-20)
3X (20-22)
4X (22-24)
5X (24-26)

MODEL SIZES: Kat wears a size XL for photos (generally wears L to 2X in our styles).

Please also have a look at the last image in the listing for our measurements, these are taken unstretched.

Please note that when you first put on your cardy this is the smallest it will be as the fibres have not yet relaxed. Your knit will soften and give over time so don't be afraid to stick with a size if it feels snug initially. We recommend you get a size if it will button smoothly over your chest. Wool will give at least 1-1.5cm so if the buttons gape ever so slightly at the bust this will end up a perfect fit once the cardigan is allowed to give through wearing.

Please take care when putting on your cardy and don’t pull onto your arm at the end of the sleeves, as this will break the inner arm seams (where the cardigan is sewn together) and create open seams. Instead gently ease sleeves onto your arm and allow the cardigan time to relax.

FABRIC: 100% Mercerised Merino Wool*, buttons are metal with 100% cotton covering. Buttons on this cardigan are Nirvana by Liberty of London.

*Mercerised Merino wool means it is a high spun merino fibre which all the fuzzy strands have been shaved off to create a completely smooth fibre with a glossy feel. This makes the knits have a completely soft feel and they are highly resistant to pilling.

CARE: We recommend treating your cardigans as carefully as possible, to allow you to wear them for years to come. We wash ours only when really needed, as wool is a very breathable and resilient fibre. To wash place your cardigan in a delicates bag, wash only with mild wool wash detergent, on a delicates cycle. Alternatively a soft hand wash using wool detergent will keep your cardigan looking even better for longer. Never wring, rub or bleach your cardigan. 
Reshape when wet and allow to dry laying flat in shade. Do not wash with anything that might rub or create pulls in the wool. If you do snag your cardigan on something, pull the thread gently to the inside of your cardigan and NEVER cut the threads, this will unravel the knit and create a hole. Wash at the end of the season (to avoid moth damage, they like to eat the dirty bits of wool!) and store your cardigan with cedar balls when not being worn, as moths find these 100% wool cardigans very tasty!

Designed and Made in Sydney, Australia. We use local makers we have worked one on one with for many years. All knitwear is locally knitted by one of the last knitters in Australia!

For further information about our knitwear please see our KNITWEAR INFO GUIDE.

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