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Valentina Fringe Skirt Red Baubles

Valentina Fringe Skirt Red Baubles

Price: $195.00


We present very special rendition of our Valentina Midi skirt featuring our fringe detailing as part of our Frenchie Fringe party range. She features the same inner wrap feature, pockets and cute tie to the back. The added fringe gives a lovely weight and shimmy to this already perfect skirt.

Adjustable button up inner waist band fits a range of waist sizes
Hidden pockets on inside panel
The skirt fits in a similar way to a circle skirt but is cut in 3 wide panels 
Panels sit flat all around the body, but will accomodate curves well
A beautiful longer midi length with plenty of fullness in the hips
Apron front creates a beautiful silhouette for 50's styling
Ties to the back of the skirt with belt loops to hold them in place
Drapey fabrics falls amazingly and fringe adds extra weight and swish
Length feels dressy and effortless

Wear this fancy little fringe skirt with our Frenchie Fringe jacket
Pairs so well with our Rizzo tops, button up shirts or a printed T-shirt
Wear her with our Pinky Frenchie Fringe jacket, she's the perfect combo

View our Step by step video of how to tie the Valentina

FABRIC: Cupro (a regenerated cellulose fabric made from cotton waste) Linen, Tencel blend. Same as our plain Valentina skirts in Bluebird and Salsa.

TRIM: 100% Rayon fringe (much cooler compared to polyester fringe with beautiful drape and shimmy!)

FRINGE CARE: We consider these Frenchie Fringe pieces as delicate garments which will require ongoing care if you intend to wear them a lot. The fringe itself is sewn on securely but it is the nature of fringe to become loose and fray over time. Please note we recommend you trim any stray strands back to the length of the rest of the fringe and do not pull on them. Removing the stray strands by pulling them out will mean your fringe will thin and it will create gaps. If your fringe becomes frayed on the ends trim the fuzzy bit off with sharp scissors removing only what is needed. This will keep your fringe looking fabulous and neat!

WASHING: We recommend you wash your garments as little as possible, especially if you are only wearing them occasionally. You may wish to air your garments on the line (in the sun in small bursts) and see if that does the trick before you consider washing them fully. We recommend dry cleaning wherever possible but this dress can also be hand washed carefully. We recommend you wash in delicates wash by dunking on cold water and only wash with soap where needed (pits, on stains etc). Avoid rubbing vigorously on the fringe outside as it is delicate. Hang on a hanger in the shade and if wrinkly, steam inside out to remove wrinkles and then steam the fringe outside in a downward motion to remove any wrinkles and get it sitting nicely.

SIZES AVAILABLE: Available in sizes S-2X.

MODEL SIZES: Phoebe wears size S for photos. 

Designed and Made in Sydney, Australia. We use local makers we have worked one on one with for many years.

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