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Valentina Skirt Chartreuse

Valentina Skirt Chartreuse

Price: $155.00

Our super nifty all year round skirt is the Valentina and now she comes in a midi length, slightly shorter than our original long length Valentina! She features an inner wrap feature, pockets and cute tie to the back. She is made from some of the most beautiful fabrics, perfect to wear any day of the year.

FEATURES: WE HAVE IMPROVED OUR FIT OF THIS SKIRT! We have made the overlap in the Valentina front a larger coverage inside and have added deeper pockets. Please stay your normal size but know the fit will be improved from others you own.

The Valentina is a brand new clever design we have created for our made590 range. She fits lots of sizes as the button across band on the inside is adjustable, and it also means she can be worn lower or higher with just a small adjustment of where you button her up. She is sized for the waist, and looks best worn mid to high waisted. She has clever hidden pockets on the inside panel, and a lovely flat apron-like front which wraps and ties up at the back while hiding the button up interior band. She also has belt loops to hold the front panel in place for you, clever! She is cute and practical, with just the right feminine appeal. The skirt is cut in sections which give a nice silhouette, much like a traditional circle skirt. Valentina is great to wear to work, pair her with a button down blouse or shirt and cute cardigan in a matching colour. We love the midi length Valentina for her versatility and love that she is just a little bit fancy. The weights of the fabrics we use give a lovely drape and they fall well with lots of movement and a nice silhouette that isn’t too full.

HOW TO WEAR: This skirt is a lovely cut paired with a fitted basic top, tucked in to give a dressy finish. She works well with our clementine cardigans as the overall shape is just the right length and feel for a fun outfit! We love her with a good pair of cute coloured tights, ankle boots and even a belt over the top of the waistband, just tuck the ties out the back of the belt. We also love Valentina going into summer as the length will work well with bare legs or footless tights. The best thing is, Valentina is the perfect skirt as she doesn’t have a flap that hangs open like a traditional wrap skirt, just a cute hidden pocket detail and flattering smooth front panel. She will be your favourite twirly skirt to wear for a fun day out!

Step by step of how to tie the Valentina:
Here are the main steps to wear Valentina (see detailed image on how to tie, don't worry it's easy!)
1. Step into the Valentina, and pull up using the back section (the band with the buttons and holes on it).
2. Wrap the back panel around you, and button across your tummy on whichever button hole suits your waist size best. You may need to button two buttons if you are on the smaller end of the size.
3. Thread the front panel ties through the belt loops and wrap ties from the front apron panel across your tummy and tie at the back like a normal wrap skirt. You can make a bow or tuck the ties in after it’s tied securely in a knot.

FABRIC: 100% linen mid weight, similar linen to our last Valentina skirts in linen and our lucky spot range.

COLOUR: Chartreuse green similar to our cardigan and a nice match to the Chartreuse in our fortune telling print. 


Please scroll to the bottom of the listing for our size chart, these are taken unstretched.

MODEL SIZES: Kell wears size M on one of the smallest settings and Kirbee wears 2X on the smallest settings also.

Designed and Made in Sydney, Australia. We use local makers we have worked one on one with for many years.

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